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In addition to still photography, Basement can also provide high quality video and moving images for our clients. As well as specialist HD Video cameras we have a fully soundproofed studio complete with chroma key backgrounds – ideal for a controlled shooting environment.
We are also pioneers in the field of “MovingStills” which combine high resolution animated sequences that allow online shoppers to see a product or garment from many angles. For a brief overview of what we do, follow the links below, or click here to view our portfolio

HD Professional Video

We can produce outstanding video content for product demonstrations, catwalk videos and promos to help publicise your product or service.

Video has become an essential part of many online marketing strategies and we believe we have the skills and infrastructure in place to produce high quality moving content.

We are happy to shoot on location, however our soundproof studio ensures no more ruined pieces to camera by barking dogs, aeroplanes and traffic noise.

You can see some more examples of our videos here.

Product promotional video with captions and music


MovingStills are high resolution interactive animated sequences which we developed as an alternative to video initially for the fashion industry. It enables the online shopper to manipulate an image so they can see all aspects of a garment or a product.

Other benefits are that MovingStills can sit on the product page without the need for a separate video viewer, and also, enlargements can be built into the file allowing for a front and rear enlarged view.

These sequences are particularly effective when viewed on a tablet or mobile device, and are, without doubt, a compelling and effective sales aid.

Go on – have a fiddle with the example to the right! Or you can see more MovingStills examples here.

To view the MovingStill simply click the start arrow to see the entire sequence. To manually move the animation forward or backwards, simply move your mouse left and right over the image. Click on the magnifying glass for a zoomed enlargement, click on “switch zoom” to swap from a front to a rear view, click on the image to return to the normal view.

360° Product Videos

Basement Photographic can also provide interactive 360° product photography videos. These are a beautiful simple way to visually demonstrate a product to an online shopper.

For products which don’t suit the 360° format but which require a number of different views to be shown, such as bags that need to be seen inside and out, we can provide self-contained mini slide shows or video from still images, click here to see one.

You can see some more examples of our 360° product videos here.

How a 360° video can quickly demonstrate a product and its features, a case of a 360° video speaks a thousand words!


This novel approach to moving images combines both stills and video and is visually stunning. Used on landing pages, these intriguing images will definitely keep people on your site longer. The possibilities are endless!

Because Videographs are supplied as GIF files, they will play automatically in any browser and fit seamlessly into any website.

Studio-based fashion moving images videograph with stylist, hair and make-up.

An example of a GIF based videograph