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Unique, interactive and engaging moving sequences from Basement’s MovingStills 360 that are designed to bring your garments and products to life!

Basement MovingStills 360 Fashion Example
Basement MovingStills 360 Fashion Example

MovingStills 360 Instructions:
Click to open the pop-up. Then gently swipe or mouse over the image to move the model. Double tap or click to enlarge any of the individual frames.

With increasing broadband speeds and technological advances giving consumers the freedom to shop on mobile devices, there are exciting opportunities to explore new ways of displaying product for use on ecommerce sites. We created MovingStills interactive model animations as an innovative way of improving the online buying experience through interaction with the garment or product.

MovingStills are immersive and entertaining as well as informative – all aspects of the garment can be viewed easily in one window and any of the individual frames that make up the sequence can be enlarged for a closer view helping drive conversion.

They are ideally suited for use on smartphones and tablets.

Interactive, engaging and unique 360 animations.
High quality photographic imagery displaying true colour reproduction.
Small file size so low bandwidth – enlargements only load on demand.
Easy integration into all main ecommerce platforms helping drive conversion.
Particularly well suited for use on mobile devices.
Individual frames available as normal hi-res photographic images.
Fully customisable.

MovingStills 360 Product Photography

Our experience of shooting product for practically every sector of industry over the past three decades ensures that our 360 degree photography is as good as it gets!

Basement MovingStills 360 Product Example
Basement MovingStills 360 Product Example
Basement MovingStills 360 Product Example
Basement MovingStills 360 Product Example